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Our bikes are kept in shape by the bike tuners of Knoops in Mierlo.


We had the following demands for our bicycles:

  • Both the same bike. In this way it is easy to exchange parts and will limit the amount of spare parts we have to take with us.

  • A very stiff frame. Because Tore is quite large (1.95m) he needs a 22" frame which is more likely to become weak.

  • 26 inch wheels. This size is the most common all over the world, so new tubes bought abroad will be usually 26 inch tubes. 

  • Possible to drive on all the dirt roads, i.e. wide tubes.

  • 8 speed (8 cog-wheels). The 9 speed gear needs a smaller chain and is less likely to be available all over the world.

  • No front suspension, these are inefficient when driving with full package and need quite some maintenance. ( Front bags below springs: the weight below the springs should be as low as possible. Front bags above springs: the springs are impressed already and stiffer in this region, so the effect of the suspension is less.)


Our choice: Cannondale Mountain bike M700, CAAD 3  
The stiffness of the frame for large sizes was the most important decisive point. The CAAD 3 stands for aluminum. Advantage of this material is the stiffness and low weight. Very handy when taking the bike into a plane and only 20 kilo of luggage is allowed.. A big disadvantage is that it can't be easily weld when it is broken. But also most steal frames nowadays has to be TIG-weld when broken.


The M700 is assembled for racing purposes. This means that it is very rigid and light, which is a bit of a contradiction with durability and reliability. But we changed it in a world travelers bike, by changing things. 
Changed items: Explanation
Handle Bar:
Steeper handle bar arm
Smaller handle bar for Iris
Shimano XT brakes for Iris
Longer end-bars for Iris
Soft grips on the handlebar
Mirror !!
Smart LED light (front and back)
CycloMaster CM 414 Alti Bike computer
to sit a bit higher, more overview and less stress
saw a normal one
closer to the handlebar
to see when it is time to leave the road
for tunnels
Sram 800 attack gripshifts - 8 speed
Shimano LX 8-speed cog-wheels, steel
Front LX derailleur, 22-34-44
Back XTR derailleur, 11-28 Tore, 11-30 Iris
9 speed goes with a smaller chain, not always available 
Front and rear wheel:
Hügi DT hubs, 40 holes
Alesa sputnik rim, double bussed, 40 holes
Schwalbe marathon tubes
During our previous trips, Tore broke a couple of spokes in his rear wheel. Persons above the 75 kg are coming into the 'critical zone'. Not just Tore's weight counts, but also the fact that he will carry most of the heavy luggage.
To solve this problem:
1. A 'tandem' rear wheel with at least 36 spokes, 40 spokes will be even better. 
2. Divide the luggage for 2/3 in the rear bags and for 1/3 in the front bags.
Shimano XT crank axle
CODA kickstand
Vittorio steal rear racks and low-rider
SPD padels
1*0.9 liter water bottle holder
1*1.5 liter water bottle holder
Body geometry MTB women/men seat
Bike Dream foot pump
Ortlieb backs

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