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*   This book / map we take with us.
** From this book / map we take copies of specific parts with us.

Stories about South-America

Frank van Rijn, Duizend-en-één redenen om terug te gaan.
Pirolera, ISBN: 90 6455 215 0
Written in Dutch. Dutch cyclist, who cycled 26000 km through Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.
Very nice to read and to get un impression about South-America. Difficult to trace the road back and too extreme to imitate.
Toby Green, In het voetspoor van Darwin in Zuid-Amerika.
Atlas, ISBN: 90 4500 200 0
Written in Dutch. A horse trip through South America following the route Charles Darwin traveled in 1831.
Gives a good impression about the time of Darwin and the present time. Interesting and nice to read.
Paul Theroux, De oude Patagonië expres.
Atlas, ISBN: 90 2542 065 6
Written in Dutch. Train travel from Boston to Patagonia.
Theroux is not used to travel and is very negative about most cities and experiences. Bit strange that this type of person is traveling. Not interesting.
* Bruce Chatwin,  In Patagonia.
Penguin, ISBN: 0 14 011291 X
Written in English. Travel through Patagonia.
Not read yet.
Ineke Holtwijk, Heimwee naar de horizon
Ooievaar, ISBN: 90 5713 450 0
Written in Dutch. Small anecdotes about each country in South-America.
Very nice to read, and sets the ambiance for each country very precise.   
Isabel Allende, Eva Luna
Wereldbibliotheek, ISBN: 90 284 1859 8
Written in Dutch. A story about a growing up girl and the situation of the world (South-America) around here.
Very easy to read and drags you into the story. 

Information about Cycling trips or World traveling 

Helmut and Hermann, Fahrrad Weltführer, Der Reisefúhrer fúr Fernradler.
Reise Know-How (sachbuch),
ISBN: 3 9800975.8.7
Written in German. Handbook for biking world travelers.
Frans Timmerhuis, Wereldreiziger 1996/1997
Elmar, ISBN: 90 3890 415 0
Written in Dutch. Overview for non biking world travelers.
Steve Butterman, Bicycle touring, how to prepare for long rides.
Wilderness press, ISBN: 0 89997 174 1
Written in English. (To) Simple book about all aspects of traveling by bike.
Butterman assumes that the reader has no experience at all. Too simple 

Travel guides and cycling routes

* John Howell, Chile experience
Turiscom, ISBN: 956-7264-79-1
Written in English.  
An excellent travel guide for complete Chile. It contains an enormous amount of background information about history, culture, climate, geography, etc. If you are interested in active and adventure traveling this book will be very handy. The thing we like very much, is all the maps: even for small towns their is a small layout. After we bought this in Chile, we almost didn´t use the Footprint anymore.
* Ben Box, South American Handbook
Footprint, ISBN: 1 900949 61 X
Written in English. Updated yearly, The bible for South-America.
Unfortunately not as usefull as we had hoped. Not enough information.
** Walter Sienko, Latin America by Bike: A Complete Touring Guide.
The Mountaineers, ISBN: 0 89886 365 1
Written in English. Tips and bike routes through South-America.
Not detailed about the tracks itself. But good information about the expected distances, road conditions and general specific cycling information.

Walking and climbing guides

* NKBV, Bergsport in het kort.
Written in Dutch. Small booklet about all aspects of climbing. 
Handy to keep remembering the basic techniques and knowledge.
** Armin Brunner, Bruno Baumann, Patagonien und Feuerland.
Bruckmann, ISBN: 3 7654 3050 1
Written in German. 20 walking routes in Patagonia
The lonely planet guide is more detailed and more of the beaten treks are described. Book is heavy.
* Clem Lindenmayer, Trekking in the Patagonien Andes.
Lonely planet, ISBN: 0 86442 477 9
Written in English. 26 routes in Patagonia
** Matthias Wittber, Bruno Baumann, Peru.
Bruckmann, ISBN: 3 7654 2980 5
Written in German. 30 walking routes in Peru.
Most of the routes are a variations of the 'around the Codillera Blanca'. Bit overdone to put them all in. Book is heavy
* Yossi Brain, Trekking in Bolivia.
Cordee, ISBN: 1 871890 33 0
Written in English. 25 routes in Bolivia
* John and Cathy Biggar, Andes BigR, The Andes, a trekking guide.
Bruckmann, ISBN: 0953608719
Written in English. 40 walking routes in the Andes and some easy ascents.
A great book and we used it for all our hikes and climbs. Book is heavy, but we took photocopies for during the trekkings.


* Reiswoordenboek, Spaans-Nederlands, Nederlands-Spaans
Kramers, ISBN: 90 4102 338 0
Written in Dutch. A dictionary. 
* Taalgids, Spaans.
Berlitz, ISBN: 90 2158 923 0
Written in Dutch. A phrase booklet.
* J.O. Luurs, Zo leer je Spaans.
Prisma, ISBN: 90 2744 028 X
Written in Dutch. About the Spanish grammar.


* Han Willems, Hoe blijf ik gezond in de hoogte.
KIT, ISBN: 90 6832 140 4
Written in Dutch. Small booklet about high altitude sickness.
Very useful and clear.
* P.A. Kager, Hoe blijf ik gezond in de tropen.
KIT, ISBN: 90 6832 114 5
Writen in Dutch. Small booklet about topical diseases.
Very useful and clear.
* Richard Dawood, Travellers' health. How to stay healthy abroad.
Oxford, ISBN: 0 19 262247 1
Written in English. Full of all kinds of diseases, hazards, insects, risks and tips.
Other people call this the medical bible. Looks useful. 
Simon Joukes. Medisch handboek voor de wereldreiziger.
Elmar, ISBN: 90 3890 058 9
Written in Dutch.
To much focused on backpackers and 'normal' travelers.


* Südamerika, Süd
Scale 1 : 4.000.000
RV Verlag, ISBN: 3 575 33282 7
World Cart

* Santa Cruz, Tierra de Fuego, Sur de Chile
Scale 1 : 1.125.000
Zagier&Urruty, ISBN: 1 879568 489
World's End

* Bolivia, Paraguay
Scale 1 : 2.500.000
Nelles, ISBN: 3 88618 579 6

* Peru, Ecuador
Scale 1 : 2.500.000
Nelles, ISBN: 3 88618 658 X

Scale 1 : 1.750.000
Berndtson&Berndtson, ISBN: 3 89707 189 4
More information can be found on the Nelles card. 

Scale 1 : 1.750.000
Berndtson&Berndtson, ISBN: 3 89707 049 9
More information can be found on the Nelles card. 

Information from magazines

Fiets, nr 2, 1999
Bas Kruisselbrink, Mag ik een wereldfiets van U?
A lot of information about building up a world travelers bike. 
With this article in our hand we went to our bike tuners from Knoops.

Fiets nr 4, 1999
Bas Kruisselbrink, Op eenzame hoogte, De Boliviaanse Altiplano.
Story about a cycle trip between Uyuni and Potosi on the Altiplano in Bolivia.

Fiets nr 3, 2000
Jikke Zuilstra, Wachten op een vulkaan, Chili's lake district.
Story about a cycle trip on the island Chiloé in Chile and in the lake District in Argentina .

De Wereldfietser nr 3, 1999
Thema: Zuid-Amerika.


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