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We  have had a preparation time of two years, which gives us enough time to save money without any impact on our normal life.  

Because the equipment taken on such a trip is quite personal, these costs are not processed in the following sheet. The equipment we need for this long trip, are also necessary for our yearly holidays. So many things are already in our possession, the rest will be bought during the two years of preparation.

Our plan is to certainly go for one year on the road. But maybe we will extend this year with another half year. This will be decided during the trip. Which implies that our money-box has to be filled for at least 1.5 year. 

The sheet is a calculation per person, for one year:

Costs before




1400 Euro

2 times one-way ticket



covered in our  health insurence



not needed

Moving of furniture

70 Euro


Storage of furniture

230 Euro

Health insurance

660 Euro

Elvia globetrotter world insurance, including dangerous sports, mountaineering, 2 months insurance after we are back

Bike insurance


impossible, to expensive

Last minute bike preparation and spare parts

225 Euro


Any other business

450 Euro


Total costs before the trip

3035 Euro



During the trip




Food and hostels

5.70 Euro

2080 Euro


Any other business

4.5 Euro

1660 Euro

Extra expensive side trips   1500 Euro like hiking/climbing guides and permits



  not needed

Account for home people


450 Euro

development of slide, sending of articles

Account for first period after returning


2500 Euro


Total cost during the trip


8190 Euro



Total needed money

11225 Euro

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