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Our package list. Beside the enumeration of items  it is also an explanation of why we considered to take things with us. 
And if we would take the item with us the next time. 
And what problems we had with it.

(2) means, 1 for each of us.

We will take this item with us the next time.
We won't take this item with us the next time.
We will take this item with us the next time, but from un other brand or in an other form.


Passport (2)

We bought brand new business passport, which have an extra large amount of blank pages. Maybe we need them when the visa takes up 2 pages each. We didn't need as many pages as we expected because the customs put many stamps on the same page. We even saw some Boliveans who were traveling a lot between Chile and Bolivia with more then 10 stamps per page. Of course the entrance and exit stamps were placed in a random order through their passports, which made the confusion complete.

International certificate of vaccination (Yellow Fever) (2)

See Formalities for more details. Not needed yet though.

Insurance cards (2) 

See Formalities  

Banc cards (2)

1 Cirrus and  1 Maestro. A list of ATM Cirrus, MasterCard, Maestro) all over the world. Both can be used everywhere.

Spare banc cards (3)

We have 1 spare banc account and spare cards from both or normal banc account. 

Credit card (2)

1 MasterCard and 1 Visa card. Only use at the pinch. We never leave the card out of sighted and check always both tickets before signing the receipt. With the visa card we can also get cash money from machines or direct, what we did several times. 

500 dollar in Travel cheques 

American Express. But only 200 Dollar. We used them once, after a border crossing.

300 dollars in cash

Hide in our luggage and bikes, for emergencies. But only 100 dollars. Can be got from the bank automats in Boliva and Peru.

2 Exercise-book with hard covers

One for writing in the route, the distances, and altitudes and one for addresses, tips of other travelers etc.


At home we buy some country overview card. For roughly planning our trip. Detail maps are to expensive and will be bought during the trip, hopefully. We bought detail maps in Argentina and Chile. In Peru we bought an overview map which is more uptodate then ours. In Bolivia and Peru we drive on the map from home.

South American Handbook (Footprint)

This is handbook is preferable above 'The Lonely Planet' and has un update every year. If we continue north, we will by the Middle American Handbook on the way in a bookshop or from other travelers. Lots of budget travelers are selling these books, before they leave. It is not very good. We bought a new guide book in Chile and look in the land-Footprints from others a lot, which are good. We bought a Peru Lonely Planet from an other traveler. Guide books can only be bought in the big tourist towns in Argentina, Chile en Peru. Never saw one in Bolivia.

Dictionary and spanish lesson book.

We took Spanish lessons for one years. Very handy.


A couple of passport photos.

For permits etc. Did not use them up to now. In every larger town they can make them on the spot.

IAMAT leaflets

Some handy leaflets about Malaria and Chagas disease. Helpfull by checking again wich animal carries Chagas.

IAMAT card

See Formalities


Tent (Lowland Mountain tracker), Repair kit, Footprint

This tent is derived from the North Face  V25, but has a better air circulation system. For this system, the tents gives in at extreme conditions. On the contrary it will perform better in moisture lowlands. The inner tent can stand alone (without outer tent, without tent peg), so it can be used single in warm environments, but can also replace a mosquito net in a hotel. Despite from the zippers it is a perfect tent, but with new runners this is solved quite easy. A bit to heavy for hiking.

  • Day 73. A cat climbs in our tent in Coyhaique. Fortunately, the holes are so small that they don't create real problems.

  • Day 109. The zippers of the tent have a difficult time. Adjusting the sliders at the side where the closed zipper comes out, helps somewhat.

  • Day 210. The zipper doesn't work anymore. We put a new zipper in one side of the tent, by ourselves.

  • Day 318. The zipper from the outer tent doesn't work completely anymore. We sew some velcro on it.

  • Day 415. We put new runners on all the zippers. It seems to work!

Sleeping bag (2) (North Face, Blue Kazoon , -15 degrees)

It took us half a year to make the decision between synthetic or  down. The package volume and the temperature range covered by a down sleeping bag turned the scale. After 1 year of use, they are not so warm as they used to be.

Sleeping mat (2), foam

The weight of foam mats is less then of inflatable mats. The comfort is much worse, but we are still young. Next time a thermal rest mat, not for the comfort but for the warmth.

Floor cover, foam

A simple solution to our too cold foam mats.

Sheet bag (2), cotton

Used single in topical weather, and in the sleeping bag during cold periods. And many times in a not so clean bed.

Saron (2) 

We use this as legs cover during visits of religious places, as skirt, as under sheet at the head end of a bed (over a dirty pillow-case).

Pillow case (2), cotton

Made of halve a normal pillow cover and can be closed with a rope.


Stove, (MSR dragonfly with shaker), Repair kit, Gasoline bottle 1 liter, Wind shield

Because we will only use gasoline the spout mouth will get stuck more often. The shaker will prevent this. A pity is the incredible noise it makes. Extra gasoline can always be taken in a plastic bottle. To protect the burner against wind. But we use it always to have a more efficient heat stream to the pots. Or the Optimus. Had to replace it, because the South-American gazoline is very agressive.

  • Day 137. The MSR stove breaks but is soldered and functional again.

  • Day 224. The fine tuner of the stove does not work anymore. Only by loosing the fixing screw of the fine tuner the stove works a little bit.

  • Day 230. The MSR stove breaks down for good. We make contact with MSR. In the meantime we buy an Optimus Nova stove.

  • Day 271. MSR has send us a new stove. Thanks !!!!

Stove, (Optimus Nova with shaker), Gasoline bottle 1 liter, Wind shield

Because we will only use gasoline the spout mouth will get stuck more often. The shaker will prevent this. To protect the burner against wind. But we use it always to have a more efficient heat stream to the pots.Or the MSR.

  • Day 484. The fuel filter of the Optimus stove is blocked. We can use the stove without the filter if we use Benzina Blanca. Optimus is going to send us some new filters. Thanks!!!!

2 Lighters

2 Pans (Trangia), Frying pan (Trangia), Handle for pots (MSR)

Plastic box with cover
For transporting of chees or pancackes. Also to colect vegetables after cutting.
Wooden stirring spoon
Cups (2) (plastic 'lapland mokken')
Spoon (2), Fork (2), Knife (2) (GSI)
Several broke, but they are a lot lighter then the ones we bought here.
  2 Pocket knifes (Opinel)
 Needs to be sharpen now and then.
Small special designed knife.
Plastic nail brush
Not for our nails, but for cleaning pots and pans and our clothes. Broke and is replace for a sponge.
Biodegradable soap
Pot for Sucre, Pot for Oil
2 Kitchen cloth
To dry with and for in between the pans when tranporting them.
Bike stuff
2 Lowrider front roller bags (2), 2 Back roller bags (2) (Ortlieb)
 Besides the nails, perfect. We met other cyclist with the same problem. One had replaced all the nail for screws at home already.
Rack-pack (Ortlieb)
Canoe dry bag (Vaude)
A bit to heavy.
Bike lock with number code
Very handy, we use the lock also for the hotel doors. Never to ask who has the key.
Tube patches and glue
Oil (Shimano)
With only one drop of oil on every single link when needed, the teflon lasted 9 (dry) months. In wet months it lasted 5 months.
Chain opener
We use powerclicks so we don't need this device for changing the chains. We bought Shimano 8-speed chains in Chile and the powerclicks don't fit on them.
2 Pair of tongs
One broke already.
8 elastics
With some knots in them, still doing fine.
Old cloth
To clean or bikes.
Tape, Tie rips, Tube lips
Tube libs to repair a broken bike rack. The tube lips didn't work. Repaired the bike racks with a tentpin and tie-ribs.
hex keys
This can be used to fixated the inner ring, of the freewheel, on the bike frame. With the help of the paddles and chain, the freewheel is rotated and ring is loosen.
As washline.
Pinchers, Elastics, Nails
8 Extra inner tube
With some patient we found in Chile and Argentina inner tubes with a french valve.
Extra outer tube
Foldable Swalbe Marathon XR 1.75x26 (don't exsist in 1.9x26).
Extra spokes
Our wheels are so strong that we didn't need any yet.
Extra Shimano XTR brake-shoes
Bought more in Chile.
Extra break and gear in and outer cable
Can be bought everywhere.
Extra bike-bolts, nuts, rings
Extra derailleur assembling part
1 Bike Dream Foot Pomp, 1 hand pomp
The bikedream is not a dream. Never buy this pomp!!!
Bottles (2)
The 1.5 litre bottle holders are very handy. Difficult to get 1.5 litre bottles in Boivia.
2 Light(2)
They stop functioning after heavy rain, but started up to now when drying up.
Bike computer (2) (Cateye Velo 2/CicloMaster CM-414 Alti)
Toilet-requisites and Medicines
(2) Toothbrush, Toothpaste
Hair brush
Eye medicines
Soap bar for cloth washing.
Can be bought everywhere.
Strong handsoap
Use in espacially in Bolivia and Peru
Nail scissors
For 2 years.
Can sometimes be bought in Chile and Argentina, very expansinve. Not possible to buy in Bolivia or Peru.
Hear elastics
Sunburn lotion
factor 6 for normal use and factor 20 for lips and nose. On high altitude the filter capability of the atmosphere is less, getting a sunburn is therefore a high risk. Used even factor 30 at high altitude  in combination with snow or salt.
2 Lip balsum
Also a very high factor for at high altitude. 
Razor, Shaving soap (Sommerset)
Only2 drops of oil are needed each time. First bottle lasted 1 year.
Asperine, Paracetemol, Ibuproven
Plasters, Bandage, Cloth medical tape, Sterile gauze pads
Medical information leaflets
They are also on the secure page we have.
Small eye-bath
Small scissor
Wide spectrum antibiotics
Anti diarrhoea, Laxering medicens
Oral Rehydration salts (Tropenzorg)
Malaria tablets, Malarone
see Formalities for more details.
as a first indicator of Malaria
Rescue blanket
We also use this below our sleepingmats in cold nights.
2 Special cycle underpants (2) (Agu / Odlo)
Agu only has 1 model. Next time looking for a women design.
2 Trouser/ zip trouser (2)
We cycle in them so they are used in the wrong way.
  • Day 286. The trousers we are cycling in are gone. We buy new hippy trousers.

  • Day 437. We buy new trousers. 

Long cycling trouser (2)  (Gore Bike)
Gloves (2) , Warm cap (2), Shawl (2)
Fleece (2) (Columbia)
  • Day 361. The stopper of the zipper of Tore's fleece breaks of. A new zipper is put in it in La Paz by one of the many 'we make fleeces for you!' shops.
Fleece sweater (2)
2 T-shirt (2), 2 T-shirt with long sleeves (2)
Sweat and sun makes them colorful. 
  • Day 437. We buy 2 T-shirts and we dye the other T-shirts.
3 Sweat thermal shirt (2) , Sweat thermal trouser (2)  (Helly Hansen/Craft)
Shirts with short sleeves are not needed.
3 Bra
5 Underpants (2)
4 Socks (2) , 1 Thermal socks (2) , 2 Climbing socks (2)
  • Day 58. Some climbing socks are melting, while drying on a too hot stone. We buy new ones in Salta.
Mountain climbing shoes (2) (Nepal Top/La Sportiva K3)
This item we discussed at lot. In Latin American there are a lot of mountain trails, which we like to climb. Preferable is then to have our own mountain hiking shoes, but they are big and heavy. We still are not sure if it was worth while.
Goretex rain coat (2) (Mec/Tenson)
Goretex rain trouser (2) (LoweAlpine/Lafuma)
The Lafuma trouser can not go over another trouser. Next time also a LoweAlpine.
(2) Cycle shoes, Northwave
We choose to ride with SPD pedals, to have more control over the bike. Hopefully they will survive.
  • Day 160. The soles of our bike shoes are getting loose. We buy some special sole glue and glue them again.

  • Day 270. The soles of Iris shoes don't fix the plastic plate anymore. Duck tape is the temporary solution.

  • Day 361. Both our shoes get new soles under our shoes.

  • Day 375. Iris here shoes don't hold. We mount new ordinary pedals and Iris has now to cycle with slippers or mountain shoes.

  • Day 415. We got new cool Northwave cycling shoes from the Netherlands.


Cycle shoes rain covers
Not as waterproof as they should be, but warm. Have to be waterproof!
Bike gloves (2)
Did only use them once.
Swim suit/ swimming trunk
(2) Slippers, Teva
Can be used under the shower, but also around the tent when wearing socks.
(2) Towel
3 small mesh bags
Various things
Camera (Canon EOS 500), focussing lens (28-200), ## film roll
We used Fuji films before, but Kodak is more available here.
  • Day 100. Of the film we developed 80 % is failed. The mirror of our second hand camera doesn't flip in time. We buy a new Canon camera, with a nice zoom lens. 
(2) Backpack, Macpac, Berghaus
We used them with hiking and bus trips. But they are so heavy and big.
(2) Backpack raincover, Doite
Daily backpack (Bach Itsy-Bitsy
Useful during town visits.
Water filter (Katadyn Pocket)
10 l Water bag (MRS)
These bags are really small when they are empty. 10 liter is normally to much, but it can be filled less of course during cycling. Near the tent during rest days, or during extreme conditions it can always be filled up to 10 liters.
The Katadyn filter doesn't remove viruses. Hadex (based on Cloor) will do this.
(2) Sunglasses (Cebe)
Because of the high altitude, the UV radiation will be much higher. To protect the eyes against this, good sunglasses with UV protection are required.
Compass, Recta
(2) Dazer
This is a electronic device, which produce a high frequency tone. This can't hardly be heard by human ears, but dogs will hear it and hate it. So hopefully this will protect us from attacking dogs. It works!
Head lamp, Petzl
Flashlight (Maglite)
To heavy and a head lamp is more convenient.
World transistor (Sony)
Alarm clock
Ear plugs
In Latin America the people love to listen to loud radio's until deep in the night. to prevent of not sleeping, wax ear plugs are nice. Never used.
Many low budged hostels lock there rooms with a padlock. Securing the door with an own padlock prevents uninvited persons in the room.
For everything, but also to cut our hair with.
Always handy if the electricity turns off, or during camping
Toilet paper
Needle and thread
Coffee, Tea, Cocoa and milk powder
Spaghetti, Macaroni
Sucre, Oil, Salt
Baking powder
Vitamins pills

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