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Photo albums of South America

South America book I
Photos of Buenos Aires, cycling from Rio Gallegos via 
Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine

South America book II
Photos of hiking in Torres del Paine, cycling to El Calafate,
the Perito Moreno glacier and rafting on the Futaleufú

South America book III
Photos of ice-climbing, hiking/cycling to Villa O'Higgens, hiking in Bariloche,
two volcanoes, the huge spider and much, much more.

South America book IV
Photos of impressive rocks, local bicycles, a weird automobile,
beautiful scenery, serious traveling and again; much, much more.

South America book V
Photos of Paso Jama, dinner at the customs, the Laguna Verde border crossing, 
Salar de Uyuni, the Potosí mines, dynamite and even some other stuff.

South America book VI
Photos of the climbing of the Parinacota, bananamilk, several strange animals and much more.

South America book VII
Photos of the Yungas, the most dangerous road in the world,
Isla del Sol, the floating Islands of Uros and food.

Photo albums of previous trips

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