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Eindhoven (the Netherlands), 22 July 2003

17329 km (10225 km paved, 7104 km unpaved)

Speed records
Iris 81.0 km/h
Tore 92.4 km/h
The down hill from the Altiplano after Paso de Jama to San Pedro de Atacama. A drop in altitude from 4500 meter to 2400 meter. (Chile).

Longest days
136.31 km
From Imata down, down, down to Arequipa (Peru).

13:30 h
Border crossing from El Chalten to Villa O´Higgens. Walking with heavy loads and pushing our bikes over a mountain trekking path. We have to catch the boat and make a very long day (Argentina).

Lowest temperature during biking
Minus 5 degrees Celsius
In the morning at 10:00 on an altitude of 4085 meter just after Paso de Jama (Argentina).

Highest average speed
25.0 km/h (for 1:38 h) without lugage
22.4 km/h (for 5:11 h)
The same day as our longest day (in distance) from San Rafael to Mendoza (Argentina).

Lowest average speed
4.0 km/h (for 4:52 h)
Climbing to the geysers between Laguna Verde and Laguna Colorada. The road was filled with snow and it was more or less impossible to cycle on the new track beside it. With head wind and living at an altitude of 4800 meters, we had to push almost the whole day (Bolivia).

Highest point by bike
4825 m
The geysers between Laguna Verde and Laguna Colorada (Bolivia).

Highest point by feet
6342 m
Volcano Parinacota (Chile).

Highest altitude difference in a day
Climbing: 1837 m
From the lowlands back to the Altiplano, to Cochabamba (Bolivia).

Descending: 3116 m
From La Cumbre down the most dangerous road in the world to Coroico (Bolivia)

NB: All data is measured by the bike computer of Iris, except for the speed record of Tore.



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