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Overview of tires 

In this paragraph we keep track of the lifetime of our tires. We are using the Schwalbe Marathon XR 26x1.9 tires and are always carrying one foldable spare one: a 26x1.75 (tire number 5). In the following table you can find how many kilometers they did last. It is ordered in the following way: tire number: amount of kilometers before it died (unpaved kilometers) -> on which wheels has it been used (f=front, r=rear, I=Iris and T=Tore).

1:  8298km (4105km) -> 2988km (fI), 4355km (rT), 955km (fT)
2:  8298km (4105km) -> 8298km (rI)
3:  7660km (3626km) -> 7343km (fT),  317km (rT)
4:  8298km (4105km) -> 2988km (rT), 5310km (fI)

5:  1692km ( 891km) ->  638km (rT),  521km (fT), 392km (fI), 141km (fT), 1738km (fI) = alive

6:  2065km ( 891km) -> 1725km (fI),  340km (rT)
7:  4253km (2151km) -> 4253km (rI)
8:  2726km ( 909km) -> 2065km (fT),  661km (rT)
9:  2065km ( 891km) -> 1725km (rT),  340km (fI)

10: 6053km (1918km) -> 1796km (fI), 4257km (rI) = alive 
11: 1655km (1170km) -> 1655km (fT)
12: 5784km (1902km) -> 1527km (rT), 4257km (fT) = alive
13: 4257km ( 660km) -> 1738km (rT), 2519km (fI) = alive

14: 2519km (  28km) -> 2519km (rT) = alive
Anout send new tires Our first set of tires (number 1-4) were fine. The second set (number 6-9) gave a lot of problems and are far to soon gone. Because of the urgency at that time we bought a third set (number 10-13) ourselves. But also from this set 1 tire (number 11) is gone to soon. Therefore we had contact with Schwalbe and they have send us 4 new tires (number 14-17) and the cost of 1 tire. Thanks!!

Overview of drive train

We use two chains with one pion. By switching those two chains now and then we are able to use the pion a bit longer. This list holds for each bike. It contains: chain number (we both used a nr 1 and 2 and are now using a nr 3 and 4): when did we trow it away -> when were they swapped.

Chain 1: 5534km -> 1700km, 1629km, 2205km
Chain 2: 5742km -> 2560km, 1876km, 1306km
Chain 3: alive  -> 1796km
Chain 4: alive
Pion 1:  11276km
Pion 2:  alive

The chain gets stuck at the small chainring by normal use (especially with a little rain). We have to replace them. The middle chainring doesn't look good anymore and we replace it when we get new sets of chains.

Small front chainring: 10600km
Middle front chainring: 11276km


Overview of brake shoes

We use Shimano XTR brake shoes and now and then local equivalents. In the rain periode or with many river crossings, we have to replace the brake shoes more often. The kilometers after we replaced them are shown below:

Front Iris: 6912km, 3692km, 2327km
Rear Iris:  6912km, 3692km, 2327km
Front Tore: 7343km, 3261km, 1927km
Rear Tore:  7343km, 3933km


Overview of cables

Before the trip we replace all the inner and outer cables, except the inner rear shift cable of Iris (a teflon cable). The distances when we replaced the cables:

Front break cable Iris:
Rear break cable Iris:  8819km (outer)
Front break cable Tore:
Rear break cable Tore:  12531km (outer) 12531km (inner)
Front shift cable Iris: 12531km (outer) 12531km (inner)
Rear shift cable Iris:  12531km (outer) 12531km (inner)
Front shift cable Tore:  2257km (inner)
Rear shift cable Tore:  12531km (outer) 12531km (inner)

Overview of other bike problems

The front lower bearing of the steeringwheel are not symmetric anymore: 3126km
The ratchets of Tore's Hügi DT hubs stop functioning.: 8679km
New jockey wheels: 8819km
Our kickstands break when a lot of side wind pushing our bikes over: 8819km
Tore breaks his first rear spoke after a wrong alingment of the wheel: 12931km

  • Day 28-59. All the front racks break, but because they are of steal we can weld them.

  • Day 62. We get new front racks of Vittorio, Thanks !!!

  • Day 432. The rear rack of Tore breaks. We put a steal pin inside.

  • Day 187. One bike mirror breaks. We buy a new one.

  • Day 231. The new mirror decreases the image to much. A new flat mirror is being cut for us by a glass shop in Salta.

  • Day 205. The bike computer of Tore stops functioning. We buy a new one in Salta.

  • Day 231. After glueing the bikedream pomp several times with Poxipol (great stuff btw!), it is now really not building up any pressure anymore. We buy a new pomp.