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Holliday Tunisia, March 99

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5 March 99 Flying from Amsterdam to Monastir. Cycling from Port El Kanteoui  to Sousse
distance 10.24 km cycling time   average speed   time 
hotel Hostel Medina price 8.00 TD
A plane ticket inclusive hotel is cheaper then a so called 'camping flight'. Therefore at the airport a Dutch hostess is waiting for us. But when she sees the bikes, panic is at here face. But of course, the bus driver doesn't see a problem and we are brought to our hotel. We unpacked the bikes and cycle from Port El Kanteoui (where our hotel is) to Sousse. Here we take the train to Sfax ( 15.30-17.30h). The bikes has to checked in a luggage, with took a long time. But in the end, they are hanged in the train and we can relax.  


6 March 99 Train from Sfax to Gabes. Cycling from Gabes to Medenine
distance 80.5km cycling time 3h:24m average speed 23.6km/h time 15:00h-19:00h (4h:00m)
hotel Hostel du Sus price 5.00 TD
In the morning we walk through the medina of Sfax. We take the first train to Gabes (1110h-14.15h). After getting of the train we cycle on a smooth asphalted road with the wind in our back to Medenine. The Hotel we are looking for is closed during winter time. Which force us to find an other place. In the evening we go out for a drink and smoke the water pipe of a local villager. 


7 March 99  Cycling from Medenine to Matmata
distance 66.16km cycling time 4h:53m average speed 13.5km/h time 8:30h-16:30h (8h:00m)
hotel Hostel Sidi Driss price 14.40 TD
The whole day we cycle over dirt roads and through a low mountain area. In the evening we wonder around through the town. The people here live in cave houses. In the wall of a large hole, rooms are made. This protects the residents against heat in the summer and cold in the winter. Also our room is build in the side wall of a large hole.


8 March 99  Cycling from Matmata to Douz
distance 101.39km cycling time 4h:57m average speed 20.4km/h time 8:30h-16:00h (7h:30m)
hotel Hostel 20 Mars price 14.00 TD
In the morning we cycle through the mountain area before entering a large desert. 80 km on one straight way. Driving through the desert is boring in a way, but also fantastic in another way. No one around, and just being dependent on your bike and your own legs. Great. In the evening we hitch-hike from the town to the very tourist area and take a ride on a camel for one hour.
Descending from the mountains to the desert.


9 March 99  Cycling from Douz to Tozeur
distance 123.44km cycling time 5h:50m average speed 21.1km/h time 8:15h-17:30h (9h:15m)
hotel Hostel Essalem price 12.00 TD

The desert road to Douz. Tourist jeeps need only 3 days for our route. 
First we are crossing a couple of oases before crossing the large salt lake. We have the wind ahead and the road again is straight and long. But again, the desert is overwhelming. In the evening we visit the old part of Tozeur.


10 March 99  Cycling from Tozeur to Tamarza
distance 68.01km cycling time 3h:48m average speed 17.9km/h time 9:30h-15:30h (6h:00m)
hotel Hostel Les Casades price 25.00 TD
In the morning we have our breakfast on the top of a rock, overlooking the large palmary of  Tozeur. Then we are heading for the mountain-range on the Algeria border. So the last part is a bit of climbing. In the evening we visit the old washed-away town of Tamarza.  


11 March 99  Cycling from Tamarza to Metleoui. Train from Metleoui to Sousse.
distance 83.34km cycling time 5h:15m average speed 15.8km/h time 8:15h-16:30h (8h:15m)
hotel Hotel Sinbad Center price  
In the morning we cycle on a plateau, with the wind ahead, before descending to the desert again. In Metleoui we take the train back to Sousse (20.45h-4.00h). In the middle of the night we cycle back to 'our' hotel. Take out bikes to the reception desk and ask for our key. Nobody seems to be surprised.


12 March 99  Flying from Monastir to Amsterdam
distance   cycling time   average speed time
hotel price  
At breakfast, two ladies tell us that they have seen us between Matmata and Douz. What did we do there??? Cycling....



Overall distance: 548 km (551 km, inclusive cycled kilometers on rest days, without gear)
Number of holidays: 9
Number of cycling days: 7
Number of rest and sightseeing days: 0
Total time on the bike: 28:10:37h

Average speed without rest periods: 18.92 km.h-1 (12.40 km.h-1,with rest periods)

1 TD ~ 0.90 Euro

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